Introduction: Pyle Aqua Teardown and Repair - PLMR64w/PLMR64b

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So I picked up a set of these Pyle outdoor speakers super cheap.
Little did I know one was not working/shorting out when playing sound.

I looked all over the net and found nothing about a tear down.
It looked like the previous owner had tried(unsuccessfully) to open the speaker housing.

Study knife that may get bent or thin straight edge
Phillips screwdriver
Needle nose pliers if your connector was loose int he back like mine.

Step 1: Remove the Grill

So the grill is hiding the screws so you need to get behind it.
Use your knife/straight edge to loosen the glue holding the grill on.
Gently rotate the end of the tool towards the grill.
You will hear the glue separating.

Take your time as the plastic damages easily.

If done correctly you should be able to remove the grill in less than 2 minutes.

Step 2: Unscrewed

Now you will find 6 phillips screws holding the front section to the base.

You will also find two 3.5 inch speakers.
Each is held in with 4 short phillips screws with 50V 33uf capacitors for filtering out the low bandpass.

Remove the 6 long screws to get at the back.

Step 3: Base for Bass

Again you will use you knife.straight edge to separate the back section from the front.
The adhesive here is more of a double sided tape.

Here you will find the mid/low range speaker and the wiring to the rear connectors.

My issue was a stripped threading on the connector.

I removed the washer from the back and put the connector back in place.
This allowed the nut to get more threads for a tight seat.
I had to use the needle nose pliers at this point to tighten down the nut.

Step 4: Final Thoughts


I feel as if theses speakers are not worth the retail price.
There are speakers made with better material at the same price point.
They sound good and are weatherproof...but I am not sure to what degree.
The speakers are paper and cloth cone; known to not do so great with water.

On a covered deck they would be great but not for a boat or out in the open.

I may eventually look into some speakers that are carbon/plastic cone with aluminum voice coil to replace the ones in it.