Pyramid Jig - Equilateral Triangle

Introduction: Pyramid Jig - Equilateral Triangle

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    Quality work.well done! could have done with you when I built my hex shed. it was and angle nightmare.. was going to build some corbels on each corner but the angles defeated me.


    6 years ago

    If you put a cleat(s) on the bottom to ride in the miter guide slot then you don't risk an error if you fail to hold it tight to the rip fence. Also this will permit larger workpieces without problem of point hitting fence. Of course it does require getting the cleat the right size and putting it on strait...not to hard to make it adjustable over a small range though.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You are absolutely right. I'm using slices of 15mm ply as rails for another jig, and will glue some on today! Thanks for the message!