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Introduction: DIY Pyramid Leather Pouch

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I'm into making pouches and purses these days. In the last few months I've made so many that I lost count. Anyways, as soon as I saw the pyramid pouch in a handicraft store I was sure I could make one. I took a careful look and instantly made one (in my head!). The pouch I saw in the store was made of fabric but I decided to make mine with leather.

This pyramid pouch is really easy to make and looks pretty cool. I hope you like the ible and make sure to hit the 'vote' button if you do! I would really appreciate your vote :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make pyramid leather pouch you'll need:

  1. Thin leather,
  2. Zipper,
  3. Scissor or x-acto knife,
  4. Ruler and chalk,
  5. Sewing machine.

Step 2: Template

This is the template I used for making the pyramid pouch.

It includes 4 triangles (I love triangles!), all of them are equilateral triangles and a strip.

The triangles are for the body of the pouch and the strip will be the handle of the pouch.

Notice that I've numbered the pieces with alphabets- a,b,c,d and e, for clear instructions.

The length, width or height (it's equal on all sides) of the purse should be 6 inches or more otherwise it'll be difficult to sew the purse or to turn the right side out.

Step 3: Cutting the Pieces

You can print the template or draw it on a piece of paper and cut them out.

Place the template pieces on the leather and trace along the edges.

Simply cut the 5 pieces from the leather, make sure to cut the pieces neatly.

Step 4: Getting Started

Place the piece 'a' over the piece 'b' as shown in the picture.

The right side of both pieces should touch each other, with their wrong side facing out.

Sew the sides and remember that the zipper will be attached in the center of these two pieces.

The length of the gap between the two triangles should be equal to the length of the zipper, so make sure to cut the zipper accordingly.

Step 5: Attaching Zipper

Take the zipper, place it between the two sewed triangles (on the wrong side of the opening).

Sew along the sides of the zipper with the triangles.

* Don't forget to keep the zipper half open while sewing the triangles.

Step 6: Attaching the 3rd and 4th Pieces

Done attaching the zipper? now, we'll attach the other pieces.

Place the 3rd piece (c) on any one of the sewed triangles, with it's wrong side facing up,

Sew along the edges where both triangles meet,

Similarly attach the last piece (d) as shown in the picture.

See the last picture of this step, this is what you'll get at the end of this step.

Step 7: Sewing the Sides

Notice that I've marked the sides of stitched pieces with different colors (yellow, red and blue).

You have to sew the similar colored sides together.

Sew any two similar colored sides before going to the next step, (In this case, it's better to keep any one side near the zipper un-stitched before going to the next step).

Step 8: Attaching the Handle

Take the piece 'e',

Fold it into half and place it insides the pouch along the edge of the open end,

Hold it tight along the edge of the open end and sew along the edge,

Sew 2 times over the strip (handle).

Step 9: Final Step

Done sewing all sides?

Now, simply turn the right side of the pouch out through the open end (through the open zipper),

There, done! You can add designs on it if you want to. I usually like adding a little glittery gold but this time I kept it simple. I hope you like the ible.

Enjoy! :)

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    congrats for being one of the finalist :)


    7 years ago

    This is awesome & unique! Let me know if u ever start selling them in the 12 inch purse size.