Quad Copter Flight

Introduction: Quad Copter Flight

When we started this project; what we wanted to accomplish was to build the quad copter and program it to fly. First we researched some arduino projects, to see what would be the best way to start. We decided to use the arduino technology because it seemed to be the more simple route to take. Here's a list of parts that we started with.

Step 1: Parts List

1. Quad copter frame

2. RC receiver

3. Autopilot

4. GPS module

5. Battery and charger

6. Brushless motors (4)

7. Propellers (multiple sets)

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble all your parts and make sure everything is sturdy and tight; you will be amazed by the power of this thing.Here's what the finish looked liked.

Step 3: Download and Calibration

Once it's assembled you want to download mission planner and configure hardware. You will also want to calibrate the compass, accelerometer, and radio controller.

Step 4: Motor Setup

The motor setup is next; quad copters require that the motors spin in specific directions according to their configuration. You will want to make sure that you verify that each motor spins in the correct direction.

Step 5: Take Flight

Now that you've assembled, downloaded, calibrated, and planned; now your ready to take it out and see what it will do.

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