Quadcop Green/ Black Shield --- QUADROTOR

Introduction: Quadcop Green/ Black Shield --- QUADROTOR


This Quadcop Green Shield allows you to easily connect your Sparkfun 6DOF (which includes the trusty ITG3200 gyro and ADXL345 accel) to an Arduino Pro Mini to create a 6 degree of freedom inertial measurement unit (IMU). This version of the shield also includes a Battery Monitor circuit so that you can measure battery voltage during flight! The pinouts from the shield to the Arduino are directly compatible with the AeroQuad quadrocopter flight control software, and can also be easily adapted to any application where absolute angle position is required.

This shield uses the Arduino Pro Mini and the SparkFun 6DOF Sensor Board (ITG3200 gyro and the ADXL345 accelerometer). It has a built in battery monitor, exposes the pinouts for a camera stabilization system (DI2/DI3) and exposes pinouts for analog devices such as IR or ultrasonic distance sensors (A11-3). This shield also has a stackable design which will allow future expansion (multiple processors, magnetometer/barometer, GPS or OSD).

Students get a very high knowledge when he deals with 6DOF and Arduino's. For all those who wishes to gain a certain knowledge about Quadrotor Flight Dynamics, this is the better source to make his/her own Quad.

This is a great alternative for those who wish not to have wiring the sensors and other connections by hand. It reduces the introduction of accidental errors, reduces the amount of wires for a cleaner build and ultimately saves you time getting your quadrocopter in the air! This is a very easy shield to assemble! Much easier than dealing with Wii based sensors which requires soldering small/loose wires.

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    Tex Arcana

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