Introduction: Quadcopter Air Cycle

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Here is a short video description of my idea for a manned quadcopter air cycle.
D.O.B.  6/29/85

Have you ever dreamed of flying?  Imagine what it would be like to fly over traffic, weaving and bobbing between structures.  This is my dream.  Taking the idea of those small remote control toy quadcopters and making it large scale, this pilot-able version will tear through the sky with amazing speed and agility.  Using a light but powerful high performance motorcycle engine directly connected to two high output electric generators, surges of power will be generated, cranking the four electric motors attached to propellers.  A main controller will be programmed with the mathematical equivalents of the actual real-world properties concerning the aircraft and its interactions with the world.  Every move and calculation that it makes will be precise and predictable, meaning no surprise moments and misguided maneuvers.  This also cuts down on response time, making this type of control extremely efficient .  Each motor is independently controlled for rock solid stability.  For safety purposes, the user controls will not be connected directly to the engine or propeller motors, but rather to the controller and will be part of the input calculations along with gyroscopes, accelerometers and altitude sensors.  Although that may not sound ideal from performance and maneuverability standpoints, it is quite the opposite.  Users will not be able to suspect anything other then themselves controlling the aircraft, and will feel absolutely comfortable with how their aircraft is responding to their control.  The size of this aircraft will be about the same as a small car, and will be able to fit comfortably within a single parking space.

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