Book Talk 2.0

Introduction: Book Talk 2.0

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This is a spin-off of my first book talk. I am going to go deeper into some books that I didn't mention in the last one. I am also asking for other book ideas to make more because everybody is home and trying to get their kids to read. This instructable is focusing on books with ideas or something your kid likes to do with instructions. Even cooking counts as reading if they read the recipe.

Step 1: Books With Ideas

If your child likes hands-on stuff, this might be the key to getting them reading. Finley Flowers, Cupcake Cousins, and 50 science things to do are all books I would recommend for hands-on stuff. The first two are books with recipes throughout them and the last one i

Step 2: Recipes

Recipes, like your favorite or the kids' favorite, are also great. They are reading and working hands-on. Kids love the hands-on and feel like it is a reward for getting what you are making.

Step 3: Have Fun

I just wanted to wish you the best with this and please let me know if you have any book talk ideas or what I should read. Have fun.

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