Introduction: Quartz Fountain

Hey guys! ready to build a fountain well lets get to it!!!!!!

Step 1: Quartz Fountain

Firstly,you need to get your slabs and do 5 straight and then one up on the edges then across then up a again and across again.

Step 2: Filling It In

Now do what I've just told you all. and then fill it all in .

Step 3: Placing Blocks

Next, you need to place the quartz block two slab in and then three quartz steps diagonal and that all around.

Step 4: Adding Dispenser

After that, in the centre you need to place quartz block in the middle going up by six and placing a dispenser on the top.

Step 5: Detail

So now you need to place a stair facing the right way next to the quartz block and the on the top of it place a stair upside down and then place another stair on top up side down again and all around it pace four slabs.

Step 6: Adding More Stairs UGH!

place a stair facing the right way on top of the other stair and then place one upside down .

Step 7: Red Stone Torch!

place a water bucket in the dispenser and then place a red stone torch next to it.

Step 8: Your Finished!

IF built correctly you should have a beautiful fountain. well done . amazing now put this in your the garden of your house. well i mean if you want to .

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