Queen Size Train Quilt




Introduction: Queen Size Train Quilt

Queen Size Train Quilt

I have enjoyed trains since I was a kid so I decided to try my hand at make a train quilt.  This is the first sewing I have ever done so I think it turned out pretty well.

I looked around on the internet for patterns and didn't really find any one thing that I liked.  But I did find bits and pieces of other patterns that I did like so I just threw them all together into one design and came up with what you see in the pictures.

After drawing a rough sketch of the quilt I cut out all the pieces of track and trains and the boarder rectangles.  I have a friend that sews a lot and had a lot of scrap material that I could use.

1) I started with the track on the top part of the bed.  These were pinned in place and sewed on.
2) Once the track was in place all the train car were pinned in place and sewed on.
3) The border squares were then sewed together and then sewed onto the top of the bed section.
4) Each side was done just like the top section and then sewed onto the outside of the boarders.
5) on the top section I had a few blank spaces so I decided to take a few pictures of local train related signs.  I printed them onto fabric and sewed them onto the top in the blank space.  I'm not sure I like them now and I wished I had just left them off.
6) Once everything was sewed on I had it quilted by a friend with a machine.

I could only find one of the actual construction photos... it was when I was pinning the track to the top section.  Not sure what I did with the other photos.

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    Can you advise where you got the train design. I would be willing to purchase them just not sure from where as I love this design.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The track & train design just came out of my mind. There were no purchased designs for this quilt. The pictures were taken of various sites around the Texas State Railroad.