Introduction: Quesadillas Made With Left Over Bar B Que Meat or Vegetables

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If your like me and Bar B Que a lot and some times make more then needed. Well whether you have too much or just have a little extra I got Ideas how to make left overs new treats.

Step 1: From Left Over Burger , Pulled Pork, Grilled Vegetables, Sausage or Even Seafood!

This recipe I used Left over BUFF-Chick burgers one of my favorite chicken recipes!


3 left over chicken burgers ( or left over meat or Vegetables)

6 flour tortillas (of your liken)

Shredded cheese ( of your choice) I used cheddar in this recipe

Grilled red onions, saute onions or both green bell peppers and onions (veg. are your choice)

Dips or Sauces:

Sour cream


Spicy mayo

Step 2: You Can Grill These or Use a Pan or Even a Cast Iron Grill Pan!

Start with your tortilla and add cheese to bottom, key to these is to have the top and bottom attached to the shells. After the cheese, add you meat or vegetable choices. Now you can add extras like hot sauces or even spicy mayo, I sometimes like ranch or Italian salad dressings. Then top them with a little shredded or slcied cheese. Add 2nd tortilla and place the whole thing in a pan, on grill, or even on your grill pan.

Step 3: Grill Till Golden Brown

Grill till ya reach a nice golden brown one each side. Remove from heat and place on a cutting board. Cut each into wedges of your prefer size ( I cut mine in half then half again). serve as wedges with any side you like. I usually have sour cream, salsa and of coarse guacamole. depends on the type of quesadilla I made for seafood use tartar sauce or cocktail sauce!

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