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This is a small remix of the "Question Block" from KickAss3DPrints. I wanted to have a stylish SD and microSD card holder for my desk. So I only adjust had to change the size of the places for the switch games.You can also see that you can put one middle sized usb stick in the box if you only put 4 micro and normal sd cards in the box. In my case it perfectly fits the creality micro sd usb adapter that you get when you buy a creality 3D printer.

My Design:

Step 1: Original Design

KickAss3DPrints designed this thing to hold microSD cards and the switch games.

His design

Step 2: Design the Thing

I messured the heigth and the thickness of a SD card. Then I designed a small cut out with some space that there is no problem with the tolerances of my and your 3D printer. So I added 0.2mm in each direction. Now I had to find out how deep the holes should be that the SD cards fit and you can close the cover. So I calculated that the height should be 15mm. I copyed the design for each cutout and grouped the object. You can print the object without support.

Step 3: Assembly

3D Print:

  • 16* smallScrew
  • 4* QuestionMark
  • 1* YellowCover

Now take some super glue or hot glue to fix the white parts permanetly to the main body. Add some mirco SDs and SD cards and you finished the build.

Step 4: Conclusion

A small design that origanized my desk a little bit more. I hope you enjoyed this Instractable and have fun to build it. Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have any questions? Thank you for reading.





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