Introduction: Quick & Dirty T.V. & Cos-Play Paper Prop Card Using Open Office

About: Not much to say about me except I like to make things. My dream build would have to be a working tricorder but custumized for ghost hunting and other paranormal investigations, which is another hobby of mine.

Paper Prop : Any Prop in a or Movie made of paper IE. any news paper that is read on screen or is in the scene back ground to make the movie more believable.
Today I am going to show you how to make a paper prop for your Fave T.V. Show or Movie using a screen cap and open office dot org.
This is my first Instrucable so be kind!

Step 1: Find a Usable Screen Cap

O.K first things first you have to find a screen cap of the prop card (or any paper prop you want to make!). In this case I will be using a screen cap from the t.v. show "Angel" thats right folks you can now be apart of Angel Investigations and Help the Helpless!

Step 2: Find or Make Graphic

Next we need to make or find the right logo for our card in this case it was easy just did a search for "angel logo" and found a nice and clean graphic (which is essential for a top notch prop)!

Step 3: Open Sez Me Dude!

one we have found the screen cap and graphic we now need to open! What? you don't have it? shame on you! It is a 100 times better then the "windoze"office suite, plus it's FREE! Now let's all get togather and make ol' Bille Gates a little less rich ;-)

Step 4: Getting to the Cards

Once Open Office is open click file, then new, then scroll down to the "Business Card" link and click!

Step 5: Pick Your Card

Next we need to pick what type of card stock we are using

Step 6: Half Way THERE!...YAYYYYYY!

Once you pick your card stock type ,Open Office will display the correct template.

Step 7: Insert and Adjust the Pic

Next we insert then graphic and using our screen cap adjust it to the right position. Don't forget about the font!

Step 8: Almost There

Next is the text. in open office it is easier to enter the text on the left and use the space bar to adjust it. in this case we can see that it is on the right hand side just beyond the lower wing. Once it is adjusted click on the Synchronize Labels button And...............

Step 9: TADAAAA!

All the Columns are now the same!

Step 10: Print and ENJOY!

Now all you have to do is print them out! I don't think I need to tell you all how to use your printer,now open office will automatically set up your printer to print properly. Now that you have them in your little hand time to display them! Get creative with them!

Step 11: How I Display Them.

Here is my Display for them ! Well I hope you enjoyed my first instructable criticisms is always welcome

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