Introduction: Quick Arduino Case

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This is a short instructable about a clever little Arduino case idea that you can make out of an empty screw box.

Step 1: Background

The first picture is probably enough to get you going. But since you are still reading, I will try to fill up a few pages with details and pics. This project stemmed from the realization that these little Spax screw boxes, which are sold at home depot, are just about the perfect size to hold an Arduino! As a maker, you probably have some of these boxes lying around anyway. If not, consider putting down the Arduino and doing some more wood work! If you do so much wood work that you buy the giant boxes of screws, well, maybe build one out of wood instead?

Step 2: Cut the Box

They just need a tiny bit of modification to allow the bulky USB B connector (does anyone know why they still use these?) to poke through. This is also nice for programming without removing from the case. I recommend using a rotary tool if you have one. if you try to use scissors, you will likely crack the plastic, and if you try to use a razor, you will likely cut off your finger.

Step 3: And You're Done!

See? Short and sweet. Now you can cut some holes in the top to poke out wires for your project, or just leave it this way for storage in between projects.

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