Quick Bamboo Skewer BBQ Brush

Introduction: Quick Bamboo Skewer BBQ Brush

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I recently learned of the dangers of metal bristle BBQ brushes. Surgeons have warned against using them since small pieces of metal can come off the brushes, stick to your food and then do serious damage to your insides.

Having learned this info, I still wanted some delicious barbecue and didn't want to wait until after I could acquire a safer brush! What would MacGyver do?

The solution was to fashion a BBQ brush out of readily available materials in my kitchen: bamboo skewers and some elastic bands.

The finished bamboo BBQ brush does a fantastic job cleaning the grill and is unlikely to send anyone to the ER.

Step 1: Materials

To make your BBQ brush you need:

  • a bunch of bamboo skewers
  • a couple elastics

Step 2: Assembly and Use

Bundle together the skewers and wrap an elastic band around the bundle to hold it together.

To spread out the ends, I inserted two pieces of skewer through the middle of the bundle and then added more elastics to hold it all together.

Heat up your BBQ and scrub the grill clean.

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    4 years ago

    An excellent improvised solution.

    Another great way to scrub a grill clean without using a metal brush is to use half an onion while the grates are still hot.

    Heat the grill up to burn off as much food residue as possible.

    Slice the onion in half, stick it on the end of your BBQ fork and put it cut side down on the grill and you'll be amazed how it cleans