Quick Cable Tie Using Velcro Ribbon

Introduction: Quick Cable Tie Using Velcro Ribbon

This Instructable is a nifty way to organize cables using Velcro ribbon. This ribbon is double sided, with one side being the hook and the opposite side of the ribbon having the loop (cloth). This tie will stay in place for you to slide around where you want it and then you can cinch everything together with decent force. I have been using this in place of tie wraps on Cat5/6/6e and fiber optic cable. I also use them for power cords and other cables in place of tie wraps at home or at work.

Step 1: Velcro Ribbon

This is Velcro ribbon. It has a hook side and a loop side. Cut a piece off that is about 2 inches bigger than the object/objects you want to organize.

Step 2: Cut the Support Hole.

Fold over a section about 1/2 inch and cut a diamond in it leaving enough on the sides of the diamond to give it some strength. If you cut too much, like the last picture, the side of the diamond will tear loose.

Step 3: Cut the Sides of the Ribbon.

Cut the sides of the ribbon from the opposite side of the diamond up to about 1/2 inch from the diamond and remove the outer waste.

Step 4: Pull the Ribbon Through the Diamond Hole

Wrap the diamond end around a cord or cable.

Tighten everything up so the Velcro sticks and holds the cable/cord in place.

Simple and easy. I have found this type of cable tie to be very useful in a lot of organizational situations. I have used it in both my personal life and for professional situations when I need cable ties but only have the Velcro ribbon handy.

Step 5: Finish Wrapping the Ribbon Section Around the Cable/cord

Wrap the ribbon section around a cable or

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