Introduction: Quick Clamp for Track Saw

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My track saw has screw clamps which firmly hold the track in place. However the screw clamps take a bit of time to tighten. If you need to move the track often, you would like a quicker way of clamping the track.

Step 1: Sourcing the Parts

You need a quick clamp and a bit of metal that fits your saw track. I used a broken quick clamp. I tried to glue it, but it wasn't strong enough anymore. So that is a perfect donor.

For the metal I found a corner bracket that was exactly the width of the slot in my saw track, so I cut two strips of that.

Step 2: Welding It Up

Place the clamp on the metal strip and weld it. I used TIG welding with a little bit of filler material.

I then welded another metal strip on top to prevent the strip from bending when tightening

Step 3: And There Is a Track Saw Clamp!