Introduction: Quick Disconnect Bath Scrub

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The easiest and most hassle-free way to hang your bath scrub or sponge. Tired of your normal run of the mill scrub hanger or unhappy with the aesthetics of your current hanger? This will change all that. Normal suction cups are a headache. Most times you return to the bathroom for a shower, you noticed your sponge has fallen in the bath and you have to now wash it before you start your routine. When it does stick, you have to press it on well for it to stick and pull quite hard or pinch from the corner of the suction cup to get it off. All of that's unnecessary, so let's fix that with the magnetic quick disconnect.


  • Bath Sponge/Scrub
  • Glue/Glue Gun
  • Small Screw
  • Screw Driver
  • Small Magnet
  • Small Suction Cup

Step 1: Prepping Suction Cup

In this first step, we will need to put a small hole in the center of the suction cup on the inner side. Screw the small screw on the inner side of the cup. The screw should be tall enough to go all the way to the back of the looped hole section but not all the way through. You can use the screwdriver to make the hole, however, ensure the screwdriver is not wider than threaded section of the screw.

Step 2: Securing Scrub to Suction Cup

Now we will be securing the scrub/sponge to the suction cup. Most times your sponge will come with a string on the end, in the rare case it doesn't, just tie a string to the end of your sponge. Twist the end of your sponge between your fingers all the way to the end of the string. Pus the string in the loop section of the suction cup and push it through fully with your screwdriver. Once your string is fully through the loop of the suction cup, tighten it down with the screw. Ensure your screw does not protrude through the back of your suction cup loop.

Step 3: Picking Your Spot

Its now time to glue the magnet to your preferred area. Try to use a magnet that is as close to the circumference of your screw head as possible. Clean the surface and ensure it is dry before using your glue to secure the magnet. Apply the glue to the surface of the bathroom wall then press the magnet into the glue. Hold it in place for a few seconds until the adhesive is set. Allow ample time for the glue to dry.

Step 4: Enjoy the Ease of Quick Disconnect

Now hang your sponge/scrub and enjoy the ease of quickly hanging your scrub after a shower with little effort and getting your scrub when preparing for a shower with just a simple tug.

Hope you enjoyed and found this instructable useful.

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