Introduction: Quick-Dry Machine or Cooling Machine for Hoodies

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a quick-dry machine or cooling machine for hoodies. To easily explain how this thing's structure is are basically the combination of fans and hoodies. The definition of the quick-dry machine here is making it dry faster, not the real "quick-dry".


Arduino Leonardo board x1

USB Charge Handheld fan x1

Lines x8

Hoodie x1

Button x1

Resistor x1


Broke down the handheld fan into batteries, speed regulator, and fan motors respectively.

STEP 2 (Welding)

(Fan) Weld the resistance with the negative line, and weld the button with the positive line. Weld the positive and negative lines back to the speed regulator, where we pulled the regulator and fans apart. (Electricity) Weld the positive and negative line of the speed regulator with battery and two lines each side connected with Arduino Board.

STEP 3 (Connect the Circuit)

The weld lines with batteries should be connected GND with the negative side of the battery, and 5V connect with the positive side.

STEP 4 (Install the machine into the hoodie)

If you are using the hoody you don't want, you can just cut out a hole that fits your fan and use hot glue to stick on your hoodie. If you have no hoody that you don't want, you can seam the strong velcro in your hoodie and stick the fan on it. You can use tape to tape the board and lines in the hoodie.