Quick & Easy Dog Food Dish for Dog Crates




Introduction: Quick & Easy Dog Food Dish for Dog Crates

Instead of buying a crate bowl/attachment, I just used stuff I already had...

I know, feeding dogs in their crates isn't the best thing to do, but sometimes there's no choice.  If my pups don't eat their food between the time I get up and the time I leave for work, it could be up to 18 hours between meals!  And if they don't eat - they throw up!!  So to avoid the mess when I get home, I've started feeding them a half "serving" in the crate.  That holds them over 'til I get home from work, but isn't so much food that they have to "go".  (not recommended for destructive chewers!)

Single hole punch
Zip tie
small Ziploc disposable container (or other thin flexible bowl)

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