Introduction: Quick & Easy Pickled Red Onions

About: I'm a vegan home cook, and love to experiment with veganizing recipes.

Pickled Red Onions are DELICIOUS! And, this version is really easy to make!



1 medium Red Onion

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon maple syrup

2 teaspoons dried herb mix (of choice)

salt & pepper to taste



small saucepan

cutting board



covered storage container

Step 1: Prep Vinegar

Place Vinegar, herbs, maple syrup, salt, and pepper into medium storage container

stir to combine

*the great thing about using maple syrup is that it incorporates really easily (as opposed to sugar)

Step 2: Onion Prep- Step 1

Peel onion

cut in half

Use mandoline to make think slices

place onion slices in strainer (breaking the strips apart as you go)

Step 3: Onion Prep - Step 2

Boil 4 cup water

slowly pour boiling water over the onions (in the sink of course!)

Make sure the water has completely drained out of the strainer

Place onions in the vinegar mixture

Stir and press down to completely coat in vinegar

Allow to cool on counter (about half an hour or so)

Cover, and place in refrigerator over night

Use on anything (salads, sandwiches, etc)

Can be stored in fridge for about 2 weeks (but they won't last that long!)