Quick Easy Set for Tassie

Introduction: Quick Easy Set for Tassie

Hat, scarf and footies. Most patterns modified from ones I've seen online. I like to crochet quick projects that are useful. I also try to find ways to make each project as continuous as possible with as few end offs as I can. I have been using the fuzzy yarns with a strand of regular yarn for most of my projects. I go through the yarn at the store and feel of everything for softness (would I wear this around my neck?) and then find a matching sturdy yarn. Of, course I search the bargain bins first. I started making these hats (patterns can be found on Lion website) then added a modified version of the chemo scarfs. The slippers are my own easy, easy pattern.

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    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I made a couple for myself and they are really warm too.