Quick, Easy and Cheap Sail [Protei]




Introduction: Quick, Easy and Cheap Sail [Protei]

We are Martijn and Stijn and we are working on the Protei project at Eindhoven University of Technology, faculty of Industrial Design.
Our goal for this project is to create a cheap and easy to build RC sailboat for everyone to build.

In this post we show the first sail be built. This cheap and easy sail consists of;

- 150cm of 40mm PVC tube
- a 120cm kite (bought from a clearance for 4 euros)
- wooden rods (size does not really matter as long as they are)

Step 1, drill holes in the PVC tube. It is best to start with the bottom and top one, the distance between them exactly the witdh of the kite. We then also drilled holes with a 20 cm interval between the top and bottom hole.

Step 2, Then place the tube between the kite and the trim wires (see picture 5)

Step 3, Force the wooden rods through the holes in the tube and into the air chambers of the kite. The rods should tension the timwires around the tube.

You are finished!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Martijn and Stein, greetings from Maastricht (a bit South of their lab in Eindhoven)

    You got to have got a lot of insight how small soft sails with a reasonable aspect ratio behave in low wind speeds.

    I am looking for feel in that subject as we like to start with a vertical axis wind turbine that is driven by multiple vertical sails. I want to do this for fun and demonsration, more then for energy. I got some ideas for this system from an inventor in San Fransico, But nearby expertise could help a lot.

    Please mail me for contact at info at demotech.org

    Reinder / Demotech

    Demotech, design for self-reliance

    cesar harada
    cesar harada

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice !
    Post a video please :)
    These boats on wheels are great test platform, especially for bollard pull :

    At the exploratorium in San Francisco, they have those to play with :
    You can actually measure the power of the pull in a "controlled" environment.