Introduction: Quick Firestarter

This is a very simple firestarter made out of old candles, some dixie cups, and toilet paper rolls.

Step 1: Melting the Wax

This should be self explanatory. you melt the wax and fill up the little paper cup. leave about 1cm of space between top and wax.

Step 2: Filling the Roll

Take a spoon or a tool similar to this and dig some wax out of the cup. Fold the end of the roll down and plop a spoonful of hardened wax into the roll.

Step 3: Making the Fire

After you have folded both of the ends down so you cant see the wax, go get some wood. A good variaty of small and big chuncks are best.

Step 4: FIRE

Lay a piece of bark down on your grate and build a little log cabin over it. light both ends of the roll and carefully put it into the little house. and enjoy your fire!

Tips. if you put the smaller ones on the fire will start faster (duh)
make a little roof over the starter so the wood will catch. it wouldnt do anything if the flame just shot out the top. be sure to leave a "chimney" so that the smoke can escape.

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