Quick Low Impact Chair Kickboxing Workout

Introduction: Quick Low Impact Chair Kickboxing Workout

This seated chair kickboxing workout is a great low impact yet intense cardio and toning training option for anyone who tend to have knee, ankle issues, or just want to get a great training session while watching TV or at work in the office.

This is an interval training workout with 15 sec rest and 45 sec work interval format. There are total 5 exercises and you are more than welcome to perform this 5 min interval circuit a few times in a row or throughout the day. The key is to increase overall physical activity throughout the day.

Here are the 5 exercises with time stamps: Exercise 1: 0:41, calf raises + front jabs Exercise 2: 1:41, leg raises + hooks Exercise 3: 2:42, leg lifts + side jabs Exercise 4: 3:41, toe touches + uppercuts Exercise 5: 4:41, feet lift + speed bags

You don't have to train the workout in interval format or in this specific order.

Hopefully you find this workout helpful and for more at home or portable workouts below: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5eJCT09znHyY6sCwiun5PkLJPOswYbQT

Check out my other health/fitness/recipe videos here: https://www.youtube.com/c/getfitwithmindynow

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