Introduction: Quick Origami Banger

I'm always trying to get a WOW out of the kids with the nifty things of my childhood. Now most do not stackup well against Minecraft or Angry Birds but this got a "cool" because it makes something noisy from something that isn't ☺

I was reminded of it from the Instructable Super Banger. However the way I make it is immediately usable for terrorising the household as it doesn't require any cutting or gluing.

Step 1: Required Things

All you need is a single sheet of paper, A4 sized or larger. The only stipulation is that the paper should be reasonably light-weight such as photocopy sheets, newspaper or the old fashioned lined printer paper.

. . And in this version you do not need any sissors or glue.

Step 2: Initial Folds

If you remember back to your first paper planes then this is how we begin.

Fold the paper lengthways exactly down the middle and create a nice crisp fold.

Open up the paper back to its original size. If you have the crease going left to right in front of you, fold the two right-hand corner so that they meet the central crease.

Now do the same with the two left-hand corners, folding them to meet the central crease.

Step 3: Next Folds

So we now have the beginning of what looks like a double ended plane.

Fold the top part towards you along the.central crease.

With your finger holding down the middle of the paper, draw the left-hand side so it overlays the right-hand mirror and crease the fold.

Two more folds and we are done. What we want to do it is fold the angled corner top right so that the top now runs vertically in line with the centre fold. Flip the paper over and match the previous fold.

Step 4: Bang!!!!!

The banger is now ready for firing . . .

Pinch the two pointed ends together that you folded over last and you are ready to go. Snap your wrist forward without moving your arm and the inside section shouldjump out with a BANG!!! Just push it back in to reload.

Once built you can decorate the outside and the bang with amusing images.
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