Introduction: Quick Outdoor Flags

How to make outdoor flags with a laser cutter.  These are great for any event where you need to make your own customized triangular banner flags.

"I made it at TechShop"

Step 1: Material Selection

Not all materials can be cut with a 60W co2 laser.  Check if the material is approved for cutting with the laser.  A durable, laser-able material that I used was denim.  Denim is inexpensive, durable, comes in many colors, and cuts/'engraves' easily with the laser. 

Step 2: Pre Cutting

You will need to cut the denim to size to fit on to the laser table.  Max size for the laser is 24" x 18".  I used a good pair of scissors to do the pre-cutting.

Step 3: Cutting

Use the attached file, with your own text, to make four 8" x 12" flags.  Insert pre-cut material into the laser, and click print.
To label both sides, you first need to redo your text so that the end of your phrase is near the base of the flag and the first letter is near the tip. Leave all of the remaining material EXACTLY where it is.  Flip just the cut flags over so that the unlabeled side is up.  Print only the text / image and not the outline for the second cut.