Introduction: Quick Pocket Pouch (QPP)

This is my first instructable, so i apolgize now for any mistakes.
I always wanted to make a quick pocket pouch just in case of an emergency situation ever happened, and i only had a few minutes to act. its very basic and was designed for what i would need and what i could have tucked into my pocket.

Step 1: Left Hand Side

The left hand side of the pouch consists of:

• 20ft paracord
• 6 hour candle (wrapped in a plastic bag)
• wire saw
• flint steel fire starter and compass
• vaseline
• multitool
• standard unused lighter

Step 2: Right Hand Side

The right hand side is basic first aid, this consists of:

• sterile gauze (7.5x7.5cm)
• 5x medium size plasters
• 5x small size plasters
• 5x circle small plasters
• low adherent dressing
• 3x antiseptic wipes
• 3x safety pins
• condom (holds up to 1 litre of water)
• first aid tape
• 8x nurofen 200mg tablets
• sheet of a4 paper (folded)
• sheet of a4 tin foil (emergency signal)
• pencil

Step 3: End

Thats basicaly it, i will in future upload a couple more instructables.
I hope you enjoyed viewing it as much as i have.
Thanks and i would like to hear from your comments.
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