Introduction: Quick Quinoa Yogurt Dessert - Breakfast/Snack

This quick & healthy quinoa yogurt dessert is a perfect high proteinvegetarian snack or breakfast option. You can make this in under 5 min in the morning or whenever you are hungry for something sweet yet healthy. It contains 25 g protein and 5 g fiber. If you are concerned about the natural sugar from the fruit, you can replace the fruits with nuts or seeds.

Calorie and Macro Information (the whole recipe): 283 calories, 2F, 45C, 5 fiber, 25P


Ingredients: 200 g 0% fat plain Greek yogurt pre cooked quinoa from 30 g dry tricolor quinoa 1/2 lime juice 80 g frozen sliced grapes ground cinnamon ground nutmeg truvia powder


Mix the quinoa with Greek yogurt and add in lime juice. Add in frozen grapes, truvia powder to taste, cinnamon and nutmeg. Stir very well and enjoy!

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