Introduction: Quick, Recyclable Taco Shell Holder

I came home one day and thought, "I really want to make one, good taco, but I hate when it always falls over and all the taco-y goodness falls out".

So what I did was I started looking around for something I can use to hold it.

I've seen one of these at a Restaraunt one day and I really liked it but I didn't want to go out and buy one, order one on Amazon, or dish out the money for one.

Step 1: Take a Water Bottle, Any One Should Work!

I grabbed my empty water bottle from school and a pair of scissors and started to cut into the side. I cut off the middle top so that it was just a flat base. You wanna leave a pretty high base so that you can snuggly fit your shell inside.

*Bonus: Do not proceed to next step if you want to make an emergency up. Be careful, this is a last resort because it is very easy to cut your mouth on this.

Step 2:

Step 3: A Cup Can't Hold a Taco, Let's Fix That!

Now look at your taco shell and try to eyeshot how big it is. Then cut your grove into it. Remember you want it to be a deep grove and not too wide so it can fall over.

Step 4: Prepare It

Now its time to add the good stuff.

I microwaved some frozen ground meat, added lettuce, cheese sour cream and salsa.

Step 5: Let My People Eat!