(Quick Instructions) to How to Replace Your Own Powerbank's "Swollen" Battery

Introduction: (Quick Instructions) to How to Replace Your Own Powerbank's "Swollen" Battery

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In this quick project repair

how to replace your swollen battery with a new battery.

The causes of the battery get swollen are overcharging, Undercharged, This is very dangerous because it might explode if ignore, it is the signal of the last life of the battery, the average Li-ion or Li-Po battery lifespan was 3 years before the deteriorating of capacity and the structure of the battery. It's best to change it before it could do damage, and best to check the circuit too.

Reminder- Be sure to follow the steps when dealing with a swollen and always think safety first.

Step 1: What You Need and Instructions


- New Battery (can be Li-ion or Li-Po, depending on what battery was inside your powerbank)

-Casing (optional, if you're gonna replace the battery with the same battery size and capacity, and the case)



Soldering iron and Lead.

Flat screwdriver

Phillips Screwdriver (small, optional)



Once you have the necessary materials and tools, you can start.

open the powerbank's case carefully, easier if the powerbank was a screw, but harder if seal shut, you need to use a flat screwdriver to force open it in the lid and not damage it as possible.

once you open the case, take the battery along with the circuit to desolder the connections, most powerbank's battery is either glue directly to the case, if that's the case you use a ruler and slide it underneath the battery's glue part (Very extra careful to not slicing the battery).

(it's best to remove the circuit from the battery and the case and solder it to the new battery and a new casing for it),

If you successfully remove the connection of the battery with the circuit, you can connect the new battery, just follow the plus and minus terminal to the respective connections (+ and -) of the circuit.

after connecting it, try to test the circuit by connecting a 5v USB charger to anything(lights, etc.) if works without a problem

close the case, and

you're Done!

Leave a comment if you have questions or clarifications.

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Reminder: -Always have knowledge about electronics and think about safety first before, during, and after making the project. Safety First.

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