Introduction: Quick Tip #3 - Quick and Easy Motion Activated Bicycle Head Light

My electric bicycle's led head light hadn't worked since i got it. So... what to do what to do...?
I decided rather than waste the headlight since it looks good on the bike, until i can fix it the way i want, I'd to temporarily turn my bike head light into a Motion Activated Head light by way of a very simple mod you can do quickly yourself.

My head light on this bike is kinda retro of the older style - you've seen them before
and this made it easy.

I didn't to take pictures at the time of the process. but it is so simple to do, and I'm sure you're smart enough to figure and finagle any small hurtles, none are really needed.

So rather than a full blown intructable. This is just a simple DIY quick tip.

BTW - this light is the only thing I have left of the bike... they stole the rest of it.

funny but not so funny if you know what I mean...

I some pics from my library of the bike which show what the light looked like on the bike when done.

yeah it was a cool bike while it lasted... a whole month... yup.. 30 whopping days till they got it.

( that's the 15th or 16th bike now? I lost track.)

Anyway... here's how to build the motion activated light. Simply and easily. ;0)

Step 1: What You'll Need and How to Do It.

A retro looking bicycle light worked for me, but I'm sure there are many styles of bicycle lights that will work just fine. Just make sure the Sparx light fits inside when closed up and you should be good.

Of course you need the Tire Sparx light. They come two to a pack ( one for each tire of course)

The come in a variety of colors, and styles. The ones I used are shown.

A pair of jewelers needle nose pliers to adjust the sensitivity of the Sparx light.

Possibly a pair of cutters to cut out old LEDs or wires that may be inside the light housing.

Your light housing may be different than mine, but this is the jist of how it's done.

Remove the old LEDs from the light housing. This leaves a hole in the center where they were mounted.

Make the Tire Sparx Light ultra sensitive by un-screwing it, and bending the spring you'll see at the base to bring the head of the spring as close to it's contact as possible with out staying in contact. You don't want to close the circuit, just make it ultra sensitive to vibrations.

Once that is done. It should fit nicely in the hole you now have in the light housing. You want it to fit real tight but have the ability to be removed. ( might want to be able to change the batteries in the future, yah think?)

I used some electrical tape around the base of the Sparx just to give it some grip and hold tight.

That's it put the lense back on the light housing. Mount it if it's off the bike. and go ride.

If you find it is not sensitive enough. Re-adjust the spring again to make it more sensitive.

Nice thing is, when you stop riding, after a short minute or two, these lights auto turn off.