Introduction: Quick View to Platform IoT Emoncms OpenEnergyMonitor in Hosting

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I guess all we have connected a sensor to the Arduino, Raspberry pi and/or ESP8266 or another platform we wanted to see our sensors and bugs from the internet presented a possible solution. We will focus on 2 themes Emoncms OpenEnergyMonitor and hosting Arvixe in the Cloud.

Website: OpenEnergyMonitor

About 3 years ago I found the Emoncms platform (Openenergymonitor) an open source project that has created a community, since then I have done a lot of testing.

References: Platform Tests Emoncms.

Platform IoT Emoncms OEM

Emoncms IoT Control Complete v 1.0


English Tutorial Complete: Quick View to Platform Emoncms OpenEnergyMonitor in Hosting

Tutorial Español Completo: Vista Rapida a Plataforma Emoncms OpenEnergyMonitor en Hosting

Step 1: Video: Quick View Emoncms OpenSource in Hosting Arvixe

In most cases we mount the platform on a local server, but in this case I want to see and control from the Internet, we have done tests with many platforms IoT that works perfect no doubt. But I guess we all want our own platform.

Step 2: Information Complete and Downloads


This platform is called OpenEnergyMonitor OEM, it is hardware monitoring design using platforms and open source applications (Arduino RPI ESP8266 Python nodejs Node-network etc), Its Emoncms web interface initially its base is the display of electrical consumption (Mains, Solar Panels ), Visualization of temperature sensors, relative humidity, pressure among other variables, control routines have been created for On-Off systems.


I personally consider this a solution to visualize and control our devices without depending on third party platforms since we would manage all the application.


  • Server and platform visible from the Internet
  • Complete backup platform management
  • Updates, modifications and improvements of the Platform, of course sharing improvements remember is a community ...
  • A differences from current IoT platforms that are excellent but have restrictions on the ability of sensors or devices to be reflected in their price.

Although it should analyze more in detail the pros and cons of paying an IoT platform or mount one in my case.


  • The main one in the case of mounting it in a hosting in my case personal version is not to abuse the sending of data since my hosting is simple clear there is a better version but $$$$ in this case I will be very careful.I guess this is the solution that many we want to have our sensors and view them in network without restrictions.

Information Complete and downloads

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