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Introduction: Quick Win - Hulk Fan Bag Project

A really quick instructable (amazingly untechy) for those of you who have Hulk/Bill Bixby fans in your family or amongst your close friends.

For this instructable, all you require is a similar style bag to one (of the many, as he used rucksacks, holdalls, etc during the show) that Bill Bixby used during his 'Lonely Man' walk at the end of each episode, and occasionally shown throughout the main program.

Given my friend's memory of the barrel style bag on TV, I had to spend many hours scanning the various online stores/brick stores for just such a bag - and in honesty, when comparing against my chosen Bill Bixby image of that bag on the walk - there could only be the barrel style bag currently available from www.blokesbags.co.uk.

It is the 'Sativa' style bag that I chose, available from them in two main colours; of which I chose the brown/greeny grey which appeared closer in colour (if not quite the exact same style) to the television show.  Feel free to look elsewhere for other such style bags, but many are completely unsuitable (big logos, leather not material, too stubby, or odd shaped) and were therefore not suited to the look I hoped to achieve.

As can also be seen from the third image, this Sativa hemp bag is actually sold on by BlokesBags from another company called Sativa Bags (see tag in photo) - so you could also buy one direct from them.

Forgive the simplicity of this build, but given my friend's comments, his workmates too upon him using it for work the next day, and the little amount of work needed to make such an impact, I wanted to share it with others so that they too may enjoy the idea/bag.

Items required:

Sativa Hemp barrel style bag (or suitable bag as per your choice) - please note, this style was £60 online (but it is a terrific bag for the money)
Ironing Board
Iron on Sewn Hulk Patches from eBay x 4 (two name, two pictures in this instance)
Sewing tool (for removing stitching)

As you can see from the images taken and my parts list above, one main difference between this bag and the TV show will be the patches referencing our favourite green doc/superhuman - but I think you'll be forgiven...

Have fun and enjoy...

1). Order barrel bag.

2). Unpick with sewing tool/thread puller the copyright logo on the main patch that you require your Incredible Hulk title logo to be mounted on. (pic 4)

3). Now locate and iron title patches on both sides of the bag, in the locations shown (on the Sativa bag this can be achieved in mirror position on either side, albeit one appearing on a flap/pocket). (pics 4 and 5)

4). Locate and iron character patches on both ends of the bag - again, both ends are identical and when located under the zip of the compartment, really sets the bag off nicely and allows full access to the zip pouches. (pic 7)

5). Now present to friend/family member for birthday/other - call them a cab come home time and cue the Lonely Man tune dodoooodo.....

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great Idea! I can hear the music now as he walks away...