Introduction: Quick and Dirty - Coffee Tables

Here is just a quick instructable for a coffee table that i made from some used kitchen cutting boards. (The ones you get at the large swedish furniture shop)

Required tools:

  1. A jigsaw
  2. A router with some basic bits.
  3. Sanding machine or paper
  4. A pen + ruler (preferably one with adjustable angle)

Required materials:

  1. 2-3 old cutting boards or any other boards will do, size approx. 50x50 cm (~20 x 20 inches)
  2. wood glue
  3. spray paint or oil for finishing

Step 1: Cut a Board for the Table

Use a bucket or anything round to mark the edges. At first i used a lid but i thought the radius was to small. A larger radius looks nicer in my opinion. Mark the curve and cut it with the jigsaw.

For the boards i used i also had to cut the corners at the front with the jigsaw.

Step 2: Route the Edges

I used my router with a flush trim router bit to cut the edges in an steep angle. You will need a router where you can adjust the angle. (If you are interested which router i used just send me a message or leave a comment) Else you could use a chamfer router bit. You could also use a jigsaw with adjustable cutting angle.

Step 3: Cut and Route the Legs

Cut a second board as shown in the pictures. The top of the leg is approximately 5cm (~2 inches ). Then i drew a line at a 5 degree angle so the leg would become smaller to the bottom. Since i wanted the legs to be angled relatively to the table board i also cut the top and bottom at an 5 degree angle. (see sketch)

Cut 4 legs roughly with the jigsaw.

I then used the router to first straighten the sides of one leg. I used a straight profile as a guide for a flush trim router bit.Then i used this first leg as an contour for the other three legs.

After that i used another router bit to cut a curve into the edges of the legs to make them look nicer.

Step 4: Route Grooves and Dove-tails for Joints

Use a dove-tail like router bit to cut grooves into the bottom of the table board. Use a straight profile as a guide to cut a straight line. (They do not have to go all the way through the board, i just got excited...)

Then you will need a router guide like the one shown in the picture or any other guide to adjust the exact distance to the edges of the legs. Of course a router table would be even better.

Cut left and right of the legs to create a dove tail like joint into the top of the legs. The exact distance from the edge depends on your router bit, you will need to cut a very tight fit or else the legs will be very loose. I just started roughly and adjusted it it on one leg. (Piece of scrap wood preferably) Adjust it to the point where you still need some force to fit the dove tail into the groove.

Step 5: Sand Everything

Yep, just do it.

Step 6: Combine Legs and Boards

Use some wood glue to fix the legs in place. If the fit of the joints is very tight the legs will even hold just like that. With the second table i made the joints came out quite loose and the wood glue would not hold them. I had to cut them and cut the dove tails again. (It is the larger table though... :-D )

Let the glue dry and then apply your paint or oil or whatever finish you like.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and "dirty" instructable, have fun building!

Best regards from Germany

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