Introduction: Quick and Dirty Disk Case

Anyone who has used Linux for a while, is that you burn a lot of CDs and DVDs, if you don't have a thumb drive or the networking abilities to do it without a physical disk. Its also nice to have a physical copy of the OS, as little 'oppsies' happen all the time, especially with a tinkerist OS like Linux. Well, getting your hands on the disks is easy, as people sell CDs in bulk, however, they don't sell cases in the same quantities. CD protection is an necessity in the war on data corruption, and deadly weapon has been found, the sheet of paper. In under a minute, an easy way to protect your data can be constructed and deployed. Theses also have the additional ability to doodled and scribbled upon.

You'll need:
-tape (optional, but recommended)
-writing stick

Step 1: Line Up the Paper

Place the cd on the paper so that it is about 2" from the top edge of the paper, try to center width wise as best as possible. Keeping the edge of the disk on the crease, pull the bottom up till only the top lip of the disk showing, as shown in picture 2. tape.

Step 2: Fold the Sides Up, and the Top Down

keeping the disk center, pull the sides flush with each edge of the disk. Tape only the lower section of the case. fold the top down till it hits the disk. Do not tape, or it'll render the case shut until you travel to Rannoch and find the elusive 'Anti Tape', which when collides with regular tape, explodes with the force to remove the tape you so blindly put on.

Step 3: Decorate the _______________ Out of It

Now with all the blood, sweat, and tears shed over this project, time for the fun part. Take your 101 crayon set and make your kindergarten teacher proud. show off your art in the comments if you like, I'd appreciated it.