Introduction: DIY Bee and PuppyCat Cosplay

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As in the words of Bee "You took too long now your candy's gone, that's what happened. BU-KOW!". I can relate, that pretty much sums up my approach to life. See candy, eat candy, blame the hosting party of negligence and then quickly exit the scene.

Bee and PuppyCat is a fun and painfully cute cartoon that has awkward mannered characters and beautifully designed scenes. As of its funding date (Oct, 2013), Bee and PuppyCat became the most successful animation Kickstarter in history and continues to have a growing fan base. Is was created by Natasha Allegri and airs on Cartoon Hangover, a youtube channel. If you haven't seen the series, head over there immediately and watch Season 1.

If you need a quick halloween costume or if you are headed to your local comic-con and need an outfit for cosplay adventures, putting together a Bee outfit is quick and easy. PuppyCat can be purchased from, ready to sing and accompany you on adventures to Fishbowl Space.

Step 1: Bonus!

For extra fun, I've included patterns and instructions for making an eggplant pillow and blanket from Episode #0 (Part 1). The temp job envelope was created by a paper craft design from k.o. cassette's tumblr.

Step 2: Get Your Supplies


Yellow sweatshirt : This sweatshirt will not fit like it does in the photos, I altered it to be smaller.

Pink shorts

3 yards of wide pink ribbon

White crew length socks

Brown ankle boots or shoes

Craft felt sheets

[2] white

[1] black

[1] cream or yellow

Black fabric marker or Sharpie

Fabric glue or sewing machine



Measuring tape (optional)

2" of velcro (optional)

Eggplant Pillow

1/2 yard Purple fleece

1 sheet Lilac felt (or fleece)


Eggplant Blanket

1/2 yard Natural or peach colored flannel

2 sheets Purple felt

1 sheet Lilac felt

1 sheet Light green felt

Step 3: Cut Bee Design

Print the attached Bee design and cut out all the parts. Cut them out of the appropriate colors.

1 x Bee body

2 x Bee stripes

1 x Bee eye

1 x Bee mouth

1 x Stinger

2 x Wings

2 x Collars

Step 4: Make Bee Sweatshirt

- Sew the center back of the collar together.

- Lay down the collar and Bee design.

- Pin everything down.

- Sew down all pieces with matching thread, alternatively you can use fabric glue or an iron-on adhesive like Heat 'n' Bond.

Step 5: Make Pink Bows

- Cut two 1.5 yard lengths of pink ribbon.

At this point you can tie the ribbon around the ankle and call it a day. Or you can take some extra steps to secure the bow and make it removable. If you do tie it around your ankle, I still suggest securing the bow with a needle and thread.

- Measure around the ankle.

- Add 2" to the ankle measurement and tie two bows with loops matching that measurement.

- Cut loop directly opposite of bow and add velcro. Fit around ankle to see what is the tightest and feels the best.

- Glue or melt cut edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Step 6: Assemble Outfit

Time to put it all on and visit Temp Bot in the black dimension for your assignment!

Follow the next steps to learn how to make the eggplant plush and blanket salvaged from Bee's former job.

Step 7: Eggplant Plush

- Print and cut the attached pattern out.

- Cut the eggplant body from purple fleece and the leaves and stem pieces from lilac felt.

- Sew the body with 1/4" seam allowance, leaving a few inches open at the top.

- Turn inside-out and stuff with poly-fill.

- Sew up the opening with needle and thread.

Step 8: Add Stem and Leaves

This can be done either with hand sewing or glue, which ever you are more comfortable with. Attach the leaves first, spacing them out evenly around the top.

Sew all the stem sides together, then sew the top on.

Sew the stem in the middle of the overlapping leaf tops and you have an eggplant pillow!

Step 9: Eggplant Blanket

- Print and cut out the eggplant designs, you need 11 in total.

- Cut out all eggplant bodies from purple felt, 6 eggplant tops from green felt and 5 from lilac felt. I used a laser cutter to cut all the designs at once.

- Cut a piece of flannel 15" x 48".

- Cut the tops and bodies from iron-on Heat 'n' Bond. I used a Silhouette Cameo to do all the cutting.

- Attach all the tops to the eggplants, then attach all the eggplants to the blanket. Space them out evenly alternating the way the eggplants face every diagonal row.

- Overlock the edge to prevent fraying.

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