Quick and Easy Bog Jacket



Introduction: Quick and Easy Bog Jacket

This is an easy to make Jacket that you can easily customize by using different types of fabrics and making this in different lengths. It can easily be made with most types of fabrics but I have used fuzzy fleece for ease of use and it is oh so comfy and warm. The one shown here is the basic coat but you can also use contrasting binding on the edges, buttons or a belt to close it. It can be made short like a bolero or long like a kimono. The sky is the limit on the ways you can customize this jacket!


Fabric of your choice in an arms width length. One to three yards depending on how long you would like the jacket to be.
Coordinating thread
Chalk, pins or tape to mark the fabric
Ruler or something you can use to get fabric square

Step 1: Quick and Easy Bog Jacket

Choose the length and the armhole depth

Have your fabric about the width of the span of your arms (or less if you would like shorter sleeves)

A. Measure from the top of your shoulders down to where you would like the bottom of the jacket to reach. You can make this short like a bolero or as long as you would like.
B. Measure from the top of your shoulder down to where you would like the armhole depth to be. This can vary from close to the underarm or even as long as the waist if you decide to make this look more like a kimono.

Add these two measurements together for the length of fabric

Cut out your fabric to make a rectangle of the dimensions you chose. Be careful to make sure the fabric rectangle is squared.

In this instance we went with the width of the fabric and the length is 30 inches (20 inches for length of jacket and 10 inches for height of sleeves).

Step 2: Quick and Easy Bog Jacket

Step 2

Measure from the top down to the amount you want for the height of the armholes, in this case it is 10 inches. Pin or mark fabric along this line all the way across. Because fleece does not let me chalk mark it easily and pins can not be seen easily, I used strips of tape for this demonstration.

Step 3: Quick and Easy Bog Jacket

Now to cut the neck opening. Fold the fabric in half vertically. Measure from the top edge to the to the line you marked in the previous step. I am using tape again as it is easier to see and I can't mark on the fuzzy fleece with chalk and have it show up.

Measure out 2 to 2 1/2 inches from the top edge fold. Have the edge next to the shoulder markings curve towards the edge and then cut out the neckline. Once you are done and it is unfolded, it will look like a "U" shape.

Step 4: Quick and Easy Bog Jacket

Cutting out the sleeves.

Lay the fabric flat on the table.

Fold over the top edge down until the markings for the top of the shoulder are at the top. The neck opening that you cut will look like an upside down 'U'. Make sure that the edges are aligned on either side.

Measure the width between the neck opening and the edge where the sleeves end. Divide by half, and then subtract half an inch. Use this measurement to cut from the bottom layer of fabric right next to the upper sleeve layer. The cut will be from the outside and end almost halfway through to the neckline. I have marked this point with tape. A clear quilting ruler and rotary cutter help make this go quickly and have everything aligned so you don't end up cutting the top layer. If you don't have a rotary cutter, that's OK too, just use the upper layer as a guide to see where to cut.

Step 5: Quick and Easy Bog Jacket

Now you will be pinning where the seams will be for the arms and front. You can either sew them with the right or the wrong sides facing each other.

Fold the lower outer sides of the fabric towards the middle and align with the edge of the neck opening. Pin edges together from neck opening to  where the lower cut ends. This will be the front of the jacket.

Pin edges at bottom of armhole from edge to where lower cut ends. This will be your sleeve.

Step 6: Quick and Easy Bog Jacket

All that is left is to sew the sleeve seams.  Sew from the sleeve edge to the end of the armhole, then from the underarm to the neck opening. This can be done with one seam, just take your time. Repeat with other side. Remove pins and snip loose threads and the basic coat is finished!

You can wear the coat as is or you can add to it with other options such as:

Hemming raw edges or using binding
Adding buttons, belt or other closures
Adding pockets

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