Introduction: Quick and Easy Burger Steak With Wine Sauce

Want that ground beef to look a bit fancier? Looking for a quick food recipe to feed the family before movies? This quick and easy burger stead recipe will surely impress even the most picky taste buds.

Step 1: Making the Patties

Start with a pound of medium ground beef:
  • Finely chop half an onion and mix it into the ground beef
  • Add an egg to the beef too
  • season with salt and black pepper
  • stir and mix thoroughly.
  • For firmer patties, chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  • the patty will increase in thickness while shrinking in diameter while cooking, so adjust our patty shapes accordingly.

Step 2: Pan Grilling

  • In a hot pan, add a small amount of vegetable oil (the beef will release some fat too)
  • place the meat in at medium-high heat, let it brown thoroughly before flipping
  • I prefer to make these in batches of 3-4 so that I can keep the cooking time consistent.
  • Set the cooked burger steaks in the serving dish.

Step 3: Wine Sauce Preparation

To start off, dice some garlic petals

After grilling all the burger steaks, the pan should have a lot of residue and more oil than you started with.

Remove some of that oil and residues, what remains in the pan will serve as the basis for our sauce.

Step 4: Sauce and Completion

In that same pan:

  • heat it up to high and sautee the garlic;
  • Pour in one cup of wine and half a cup of chicken stock (I just used half cup of water with chicken concentrate);
  • season with black pepper and salt, beware that the residues in the pan already have some flavor, so don't add too much salt.
  • sprinkle with 1:1 flour and starch, reduce to sauce like consistency.
  • Generously pour the sauce over plated burger steak.

Enjoy while warm

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