Introduction: Quick and Easy Hidden Tie Clip

Every now and again, we men find ourselves in the need for a tie clip.  Either to keep that oh-to-pesky tie in place when you are out in the field conducting business, out to lunch in full business attire, or to simply give the illusion of a perfectly placed tie.  Unless you happen to have an extra stock of tie clips in your drawer or car, then you might find yourself out of luck.

Well, after a bit of trial and error, I think I might have found a solution.

Welcome, to the Tie-Quick!

Step 1: Tools & Materials

To get this quick and easy hidden tie clip started, you'll need:

1). A sharpie (or other device used to write on a paper clip)
2). A ruler
3). A paper clip
4). A pair of needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Straighten Up Soldier!

The first thing you'll need to do is to straighten out the paper clip as best as you can.  I have spent ALOT of time playing with paper clips, and I've found it's easiest to straighten out the big-looped side of the paper clip if you start by unfolding it in the middle.  To obtain the straightest edge I can without to many tools, I usually run my thumb down the paper clip as I un-bend it to keep the bend smooth.  This will keep any kinks out of the wire.  I also recommend keeping the small loop around until you start bending the straight side.

Step 3: It's BENDING Time!

Start bending the paper clip at the side that has been straightened out.  You'll start by bending about 1" of the paper clip around the very tip of your needle nose pliers until you make a "U" shape.  Some needle nose pliers are bigger than others, so you're looking to create about a 1/16" to 1/8" gap between the two legs of the "U" shape.  Keep the two legs as parallel as possible.

Step 4: Measure Twice, Bend Once

Here is where the ruler and pen come into play...  albeit ONLY in this step.  You probably won't need them after this :)

Lay your paper clip along the edge of the ruler and make a mark around 3 3/4" (3.75") from the outside of the bend you just made up along the length of the paper clip.

Step 5: It Needs More BEND-bell!

Start this step by straitening out the rest of your paper clip.  To make the last bend in the paper clip, place and hold the paper clip on the inside of the mark you just made with the tip of the needle nose pliers.  Gently bend the straightened remainder of the paper clip around the tip of your pliers.  Make sure the bend is on the same side of the paper clip as the first bend you made.  Make sure to keep the legs of the "U" shape parallel.

BAM!  Now you have your Tie Clip!

Step 6: But How Do I Use It!?

To use your new hidden quick tie clip, simply:

1). Slip the small end over the button just above the strap on the back of the tie and hook it to the button threads.
2). Slip the body of the paper clip through the strap on the back of the tie.
3). Slip the larger end of the paper clip over the button just below the strap on the back of the tie and hook it to the button threads.

There you have it, a well placed & worry free tie held in place, with a paper clip :)

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