Quick and Easy Hiding Place

Introduction: Quick and Easy Hiding Place

This is a easy hiding place made in about 5 minutes

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need:
Jewelry Box/ altoids can(I used a ring box)
Refrigirator Magnet
Tape/Glue(Tape is much easier and less messy)
Something to hide

Step 2: Prep Ring Box

For this step you want to rip off the material to reveal a metal surface

To do so just slice a hole anywhere on it and just start tearing

Step 3: Prep the Magnet

Take the magnet and put tape around the edges of it trying no to get very much tape on it as possible.

Gluing would be more permanent but it was to messy to bother with.

Step 4: Finding a Hiding Spot

For this step you need to find a hiding spot preferably a dark spot under something i put it under my desk where nobody could see it

Step 5: Prepare Your Stash

For this step all you need to do is get something to hide and put it in the box

Step 6: Your Done

HOORAY your done now all you have to do is slap it up there and tada you have yourself a hiding spot

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    16 years ago

    watch out someone might steal $1 gotta keep it safe from those crooks


    15 years ago on Introduction

    ok you forgot to add somthing to your materials instruction [A metal place to put your box] and enyway this is a pritty cool idea man but personally i like to hollow out books because its fun to do and rewarding by the way the link to this is http://ow2dostuff.blogspot.com just chck in the 2006 page and viola! ive made almost 2 books so a far :p start with a really thin one like i did. BUT MAKE SURE ITS HARDBACK. Rite now im workin on one thats about 2 inches thick :p use the box cutter its better in my opinion and faster =/ enyway cool c ya

    James (pseudo-geek)
    James (pseudo-geek)

    Reply 15 years ago on Introduction

    yeah cutting books out is awesome. especially if you have a full shelf of books....people would never find the right one.


    16 years ago

    Cool idea. I found a Cheapo seattle sonics magnet and a Ring box but the ring box was my Mom's wedding ring box so i couldn't come at it with a knife. So I found out that if it has the velvety cover on it the magnet USUALLY will be able to just go through without harassing the box... :D