Introduction: Quick and Easy Ice Cream for Adults Only

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This ice cream is quickly made but contains alcohol so it is for adult only. I made two different flavors but you can easily keep it plain by using only Baileys, just follow the recipe coffee flavor but skip the instant coffee.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

If the given amount is to much, simple divide the ingredients by 2 or 4. Do not use more Baileys. If you use to much alcohol, it will not freeze. You can take less Baileys if you like but your ice cream will get a bit more compact texture.

Coffee flavor
946 ml (1 quart) heavy cream
200 ml (7 oz) Baileys
4 tbsp instant coffee of good quality
4 tbsp sugar ( more or less if desired)

Chocolate flavor:
946 ml (1 quart) heavy cream
200 ml (7 oz) Baileys
396 ml (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
2 tbsp unsweetened cacao
I tbsp sugar

Measuring cup
2 bowls ( for coffee flavor you only need one)
Plastic containers
Can opener, just in case you need one for the milk (only for the chocolate flavor)

Step 2: Baileys Ice Cream Coffee Flavor

When you make ice cream this way, be sure your equipment is chilled. Whipping your cream will be much easier.

Pour the heavy cream into the bowl and whip until the cream begins to thicken. As soon as the cream begins to thicken add 4 tbsp sugar and whip until the heavy cream is almost thick, it will form peaks. Do not over whip. As soon your cream is ready put it aside.
Make the coffee mix by putting 4 tbsp instant coffee in a measuring cup, add a little bit of Bailey and stir the instant coffee has to be dissolved by the Baileys. Add some more Baileys if needed. As soon the coffee is dissolved add more Baileys making it 200 ml and stir again.
Take the whipped heavy cream and whip in the coffee/Baileys mixture. Fill the containers with the mixture and freeze for about two hours. After two hours, take out the starting ice cream en stir. Put it back in the freezer after stirring and let it freeze until your ice cream is ready. It will take a few hours, it all depends on the containers. A small and lower container freeze quicker than big and high containers.

If you make this ice cream without the coffee you will have plain Baileys ice cream.

Step 3: Baileys Ice Cream Chocolate Flavor

Pour the heavy cream into the bowl and whip until it becomes thick and form peaks. As soon it forms peaks, set it aside. Do not add sugar for the sweetened condensed milk will sweeten it.
Put 2 tbsp unsweetened cacao in a measuring cup, add 1 tbsp sugar and stir, the sugar will make it easier to dissolve the cacao in the Baileys. After stirring add Baileys little bit by little bit and keep stirring until it is smooth. As soon it is smooth pour in more Baileys making it 200 ml and set aside.
Take another bowl and pour in the sweetened condensed milk. Whip the milk for a few minutes and pour in the chocolate/Bailey mix. Whip the mixture through the milk.
Take the whipped cream and stir in the milk mixture. Pour the mixture in plastic containers, follow from here the same steps as the coffee flavor. I put some cacao on top so I can see trough the lid if it is the coffee or chocolate flavor.

This chocolate tast compares with milk chocolate. If you like a more bitter chocolate flavor follow the steps of the coffee recipe, just change the coffee into chocolate.

Optional you can stir in chocolate chips if you prefer.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Ice Cream

Serve with some instant coffee or cacao (or even better chocolate chips but I didn't have them) on top.

Enjoy your ice cream but keep in mind there is liquor in it, so do not drive or anything else when alcohol is not allowed.

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