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Introduction: Quick and Easy Klondike Bartender Costume

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Today, June 13, 2015, is the Yukon's 117th birthday. We decided to celebrate by whipping up a quick costume fit for the Commissioner's Ball, out of nothing but some thrift store finds.

This costume cost less than $5 and would be perfect for Rendezvous, Halloween or any other fancy dress occasion.

Step 1: Materials

We were lucky to find a child's vest, pants, shirt and matching bow tie for $3.99 at a thrift store. I think it was intended to be a fancy Christmas outfit, but it's perfect for a Gold Rush era costume.

At the thrift store, we also found a bag of miscellaneous sewing stuff that contained some black elastic trim.

To turn the elastic trim into arm garters, you'll need scissors, a needle and thread.

While this was a costume for a baby, you can make an adult version just as easily with adult sized clothes.

Step 2: Making Arm Garters

I measured my son's arm and cut two pieces of the elastic trim to length (adding a bit so that he can wear them again when he's a bit bigger).

I sewed together the ends to finish the garters.

Step 3: Final Touches

I drew a nice Klondike mustache on my son's face with a brown eyeliner pencil. (Since he's a drooling teething mess these days, the mustache lasted less than 15 minutes, but it was cute while it lasted!)

Accessorize with some antique-looking barware and you're ready to serve the Gold Rush crowds.

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