Introduction: Quick and Easy Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are an easy and festive craft project that can be made in a matter of minutes using only paper and scissors.

Step 1: Supplies


Standard 8 1/2' x 11' printer paper*

*TIP: Almost any kind of paper can be used but printer paper is one of the easiest to cut and flatten.

Step 2: Fold

Step 1: Fold 8 ½’ x 11’ piece of paper in half widthwise. 

Step 3: Fold (again)

Step 2: Fold in half widthwise again.

Step 4: Triangle and Rectangle

Step 3: Fold paper diagonally so that the folded edge of the paper meets the folded bottom.

Step 5: Cut

Step 4: Using the scissors, cut off the excess rectangle off in a straight line.*

*TIP: If you’d like, you can also start cutting slightly below where the triangle and rectangle connect in a zig-zag, rounded, or random line.

Step 6: Pattern

Step 5: Hold the paper so that the vertical fold is facing your least dominant hand. Cut out pattern or shape as you wish, but be sure that you do no cut away the diagonal or vertical folds completely or the snowflake will fall apart.

 Then, if you want, cut shapes or a pattern into the vertical sides.

TIP: The more paper you cut off, the more delicate the snowflakes will be.

Step 7: Unfold

Step 6: Unfold carefully. Lay flat.

*TIP: Can be placed under a heavy book to make even flatter.