Introduction: Quick and Easy USB Fan

This is a guide on how to make a quick and easy fan for if it's hot at your desk. You probably already have the materials you need for this project laying around your house.  

 The materials you need are
 - sheet of styrofoam 1 inch thickness
 - 3 wooden skewers 
 - old PC fan 
 - USB cable 
 - Any kind of tape 

Tools you need: 
- scissors 
- cloth (for cleaning of the fan) <- optional 
- knife (I used a thin bread knife but any kind of knife wil do)
- pencil  

Step 1: Prepare the USB Cable

If you take you fan, you see four cables, this is the same on your USB cable. We are only going to use two of them, the red and one and the black one. First you have to cut off the plug of the fan.  Than With the scissors you cut only a small bit in to the USB cable and twist that around until you can peel the outer layer off. 

With your thumb and other finger of choice you clamb the thinner cables between you thumbnail and finger of choice (picture 2) and pull the plastic off so the copper is showing. Do this on all four of the cables. 

When you are done you take both the red cables and twist them together like this (picture 3). Do the same with the black cables. 

Put tape around the cables separately and then around the whole thing so it looks like picture 1 

Test it by putting it in you Computer or laptop before you move on. 

Step 2: The Frame

I build the frame by first taking the length of the fan and scratched that with my knife in the styrofoam than I made a triangle out of it with sides of the same length so all corners were 60 degrees. 

after that I cut out a block were the fan was going to be placed on. The meausrements are in the first picture. 

When you have  two of these, put them together like in picture 3 and stab the skewers through the holes, you should have something that looks somewhat like picture 4. 

when you have that move the two pieces of styrofoam out of each other until your fan barely fits on it and mark the ends of the skewers sticking out. Cut those off with you scissors and put them back in, they shouldn't be sticking out no more. 

Step 3: End

now you're done!  you can finally enjoy a nice breeze while you are at the computer :D 

This is my first instructable so please give feedback because I want to know on what I can inmprove.  Thanks for reading and post your own creations down below!

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