Quick and Easy Wall Mount PCs

Introduction: Quick and Easy Wall Mount PCs

About: 3D printing and designing RaspberryPI projects for a few years now

Save a ton of space, impress your friends! Using some simple cut wooden pieces and a sheet of colored plexiglass you can mount your PC on the wall quickly.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For any PC build you'll need the following components to get started.

Power Supply

CPU w/Cooler & Motherboard - [make sure your CPU is supported on the board]


GPU / Graphics Card - [if you plan on using it for gaming]

Wall mounting supplies

2x2 Lumber

1/8" Colored Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet 24" x 12"

Mounting Tape

Step 2: Prepare the Plexiglass With Wooden Wall Mount

Fasten the 2x2 lumber strips to the back of the plexiglass.

Note that the wooden strips are separated by space to allow for the power cables from the power supply to run behind and around for a much better look. I usually main powerline to go behind the bottom and come around the top to plug in to the mother board (the main power is connected on the top edge usually (depending on the board)

Step 3: Fasten Additional Lighting (optional) and Hardrives Behind the Plexglass

If you want to run RGB lighting strips, they work great just stuck on the 2x2 strips creating a glowing wall effect.

Also for any hardrives needed, place them behind the plexiglass, resting them on the bottom 2x2. Use mounting tape as well to make sure they stay put.

Step 4: Position the Front Components Neatly

Make sure you can position all the main computer components on the board neatly, ensure the power supply is angled in a way to run the cords behind where they come out again where needed to plug them in.

Step 5: Hardest Part - the Power Switch

- each motherboard has a pin and a ground pin that's needed to trip to get the machine to boot. Consult the manual. In the picture, I've attached a simple push button (momentary, not on/off) that will simulate the button being pushed if were in a case.

Step 6: Ensure All the Power Is Connected and the Computer Is Bootable

At this point before making anything too permanent, power up the machine.

Now you can fasten the components to hang on the wall.

Use screws to mount the motherboard to the plastic plexiglass, use heavy mounting tape to attach the power supply.

Step 7: Get Ready to Hang

- with things tightly mounted to the glass, you should now be able hang the unit with screws.

I've found where the studs are behind the wall to make sure I have a really durable hook to hang the computer from.

A minimum of 2 screws is needed securely fastened to the wall to hang the device. You can hang the unit on the screws by the lumber attached to the top back of the plexiglass.

Step 8: Finished Results (2 Different Builds)

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