Introduction: Quick and Ugly 2 Ton Press

I made a 2 ton press as fast a possible and no money spend.

note 1:
For what i was going to use it, i did not care about looks nore did i care about acurracy

note 2:
My English skills are as bad as my building skills. (not a joke!)

Step 1: Scrap That I Had Collecting Dust for Years

This is what i started out with.
On this moment i had no idea how i was going to build the press.

1. U profile.
2. 2 old front wheel springs(from aircraft Rans s-12).
3. ranctangular bar.
4. 2 Ton press.

- 2 old wheel holders (didn't use it)?

Step 2: The Base

so Measuring a piece i needed to be able to put in the press i knew i wanted the press to be 60 cm high and in width 40 cm.

So i did some 3 second engineering and made my base 40 by 40.

Step 3: Sidebars and Top

I welded to 2 U profiles facing inwards to accommodate the springs that i will build in later.
I drilled a hole in the middle of the top U profile facing upwards and welded the press piston directly to it.

knowing if i ever wanted to re-use te press i will just buy a new one they only cost 10 euro.
You've probably been face palming you're head pretty hard noticing the u profile being upwards,
yes, i did bend so i will weld a U profile facing to the front to accommodate for the bending.

Step 4: Spring System

Only having these springs i decided to mount them to the bottom.
the centre bar is just a scrap i found that fits in the U Profile.

Pro tip: never ever never ever try the the press before securing the springs, you will get your head slapped various times by the same spring.(True story)

so i took a L bracket and welded it to the centre bar so the cannot spring out i did the same on the bottom.
the still had the tendency to bend in the middle so putting a clamp(round thingy)? to the centre fixed the problem.

Step 5: The Base

I welded 2 U profiles (Facing forwards) to each side o the side bars and put a little plate on each side to hold the spring and for having a hole in the centre.

Rethinking i will make the plates a little longer the centre hole is way to big

Step 6: Professional Painting

I took a can of paint i had holding up my table and spray painted till it stopped.

I build the press in about 3 hours from concept to finish, my goal was to do it as quickly as possible spend no money and only use scraps

i thinks that reflex in my build.

In the future i want to use a 14 ton press to build a proper one.
other kind of profiles, ajustable base, etc

If you survived the horribleness from start to finish.
thank you,

Ps: you will never get that time back

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