Quick and Comfortable Selfie Button

Introduction: Quick and Comfortable Selfie Button

Selfies are now part of our life. Every one like to have their selfie , even group selfie. People carry big big accessories for that, like a selfie stick with a remote control for shutter. Here is a simple method to make a button which helps to take selfie comfortably.

Step 1: Video Instruction

Video link click here

you can easily make a quick or short cut hardware button to take selfie. It uses the audio socket and the index finger can be used to click the shutter. while you hold you phone to take selfie, remember only the index finger is free. Other you are in use to hold the phone itself.

There are multiple free app available in google pay store know as selfie stick app. If we short the mic and ground pin, those mobile phone app can detect it as a shutter press and does the necessary action. In google play store search for “selfie stick app” , you will find multiple free app like coolplay camera for monopod.

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