Introduction: Quick and Easy Android, I-phone, I-pod Stand

This is a quick and dirty little phone stand I made on the fly.  My daughter made a little volume booster for her iphone from a TP tube.  I was working on the stencil for the bleach print shirts and decided to watch some Firefly on netflix while I worked.  I took a look at my daughter's project and grabbed the following:
1 - empty paper towel tube
2 - thumb tacks
1 - long T-pin (a long safety pin would probably work too)


Step 1: The Build

Here's what I did:
-Measure the phone
-Draw and cut a rectangle out of the tube about 1/4 inch too big on either either end and just slightly too deep (I used an Xacto knife)
-Insert both thumb tacks on one side to act as feet to keep the tube from rolling
(the slot should be facing up or just a hair forward-away from the feet)
-The feet are the back of the stand.  From the front, insert the T-pin about 1/2 inch down from the slot and at a slightly upward angle

The phone will rest on the T-pin and lean backward, putting all the weight on the thumb tacks.

Step 2: Finished Product

A couple more pictures for perspective and pin placement.