Quick and Easy RC Car Fuel Tank Repair in 10 Minutes.

Introduction: Quick and Easy RC Car Fuel Tank Repair in 10 Minutes.

Hi, in this instructable I will show you how to repair your rc car fuel tank. This will work on small cracks in the tank. I will be repairing the tank for my P190 rally car.the repair should be strong and permanent and only take a few minutes to do.

Step 1: Things Needed.

You will need.
 1.) A cracked/damaged fuel tank.
 2.) Super glue (cyanoacrylate, CA).
 3.) Degreaser (hot soapy water will also work).
 4.) Paper towels.

Step 2: Clean and Dry.

The glue will not stick to the plastic if it is still covered in oil. So first you need to wipe off all the grease and dirt that will prevent the glue from sticking. I used some degreaser on a paper towel. Be careful with the degreaser you use because it might attack the plastic, it pays to spot test it.

Step 3: Apply Glue.

After the tank is thoroughly clean and dry apply the glue over the cracks, You want to aim for a thin layer of glue covering all the cracks. After gluing leave to dry and completely cure before installing it back onto the car. Be ready for lots of fun from your rc car!

I hope that this brisk tutorial helped you fix your car,. any questions just leave them in the comments below. 

Good luck, David.

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