Introduction: Quick and Easy Toddler Headboard or Sideboard

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Repurpose foam floor mats to make a headboard or sideboard for your toddler.

What you will need:

- foam floor mat pieces

- hot glue gun and plenty of hot glue

- a pack of 3M Command hanging strips (or the like - I chose 3M Command strips because they won't damage the wall when removed)

Step 1: Determine Your Design and Clean the Mat Pieces

We needed a sideboard and had an alphabet mat set. So I decided to spell something for my little girl: "Kayas (moon = sleep) zone".

Get creative! The most important thing here is to determine how many pieces you will need and what those pieces are.

Wash the pieces (if required). I used warm water in the tub and a rag to get the dust and dirt off.

They must be thoroughly dry. I laid them out and left them overnight. I did flip them once to make sure both sides got exposed to air flow.

Step 2: Glue on the Letters

To make sure that pieces don't start falling off the wall, glue all the letters (or shapes or numbers, whatever the case may be) to the pieces. Simply run the hot glue gun along the seam. You will want some glue inside as well as on either side of the seam.

Step 3: Glue It All Together

Lay out the entire final design up side down, with all the pieces connected.

Glue all the seams together the same way you did the letters.

Step 4: Hang It Up!

Attach the hanging strips to the back side. I had a pack of 8 medium strips (equals 4 sets) which I cut in thirds.

First I stuck the sets to the mat, leaving paper on the side that will stick to the wall. I did one in each corner (4 sets), 3 more across the top, 1 more on each side, 3 across the bottom, and 1 in the center (12 sets of thirds in total).

Next I brought the entire thing to my daughter's bedroom. Here you can place it against the wall and mark off with pencil where you want to hang it so it's straight - I didn't, I just eyed it.

Next remove the paper backings from the hanging strips and press to the wall. Voila!

No more foot and hand marks on the wall, less "thud" when its kicked, and so much nicer to sit against (or fall asleep pressed up against as is the case here) than a hard wall :)

Step 5: